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  • Elizabeth Maixner

Where do you even start? Herbs? Essential oils? Carrier Oils?

I started with essential oils about 5 years ago with signing up with doTERRA through my mom. I only occasionally used these oils and mostly for dressing up my drinking water. I rarely used them for healing purposes. Then little by little I started to research the essential oils and understand what each one was best used for. Although there are so many uses for one essential oil, sometimes I still get overwhelmed. Plus, essential oils are different for each person, depending on their own preferences and body oils. What I find relaxing and calming, may be cause a headache for someone else. Then there are carrier oils and which ones to use for each circumstance. When you add herbs into all of this, it gets very complex. I wanted to make sure that each carrier oil, essential oil and herb went well together, aromatically and medicinally. I spoke with a naturalistic Dr and a midwife, in addition to a LOT of research, using Herbal Medicine from the Heart of the Earth by Sharol Marie Tilgner and Modern Essentials by Aroma tools in combination with the extensive wealth of information that is on the doTERRA website. And I am still learning new things every day, whether its about the containers that I use and the lids that go with them (I specify this because I had to research a lot of companies before I found one that had amber colored glass containers with lids that did not have plastic in them at all. It took a long time to find.) or the heating point of shea butter and to not heat it too high or it will make the shea butter grainy. Anyone that wants to learn more about specific essential oils, just head over to doTERRA website and hover over Discover, then click on Science of essential oils. They also have an overview of every essential oil they carry. Modern Essentials book and app are wonderful references anytime my kids are sick or get a cut, scrape, burn, vomit, anything. I am just starting to get into the herbal side of things. My cousin-in-law is the Naturopathic Dr and steered me toward the book Herbal Medicine from the Heart of the Earth. This book is a great resource for healing herbs of all kinds. I am trying to slowly learn each one of these that is specific for skin regeneration/healing. So far I only use 4 herbs in my oils, but I am always learning and looking for new herbs to use. There is also a wealth of information on the internet about different carrier oils and other ingredients in general to use for skin health. I have come across tamanu oil, onion extract, rosehip oil, aloe vera gel, vitamin E, and Jojoba oil and I am sure there are many more to still learn about. I enjoy learning about each ingredient and what they can provide for my products. I wrote a post or so ago that if anyone wants a custom product, I am more than happy to look into it for you. Please message me with any questions or comments. Looking forward to hearing from you!