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  • Elizabeth Maixner

Now in Store!!!

So I totally dropped the ball yesterday and did not write my weekly blog. However today I am now in store!!! Haha, I say store, because, yes, it is one store. But such a big step forward for me. I met with a local store here in Helena last week, Mae and June's Vintage Market. She requested some samples and I finally got them done. Today she bought several of my products! As a small business, it is very exciting to develop new relationships and opportunities especially locally. If you have looked at my website or follow me on facebook or instagram, you will notice that I am a big supporter of buying local and supporting local businesses. One of the main reasons would be to lessen the impact of shipping or packaging, but also to support small businesses like myself. It is absolutely true, that when you are buying local, you are supporting a family with ballet lessens, with winter coats, boots, gas money, etc.

I do LOVE making these products and I do think about the people that buy them, if they like them, if they like the smell, if they think the product is too oily, too hard, or whatever their opinion is, I would love to know. I am not just making these products to sell, but to help the mom's, the children, whoever, feel better, more comfortable in their own skin. Recently my oldest daughter, who my company is named after, asked me to make a salve for her. It was so fun to research ingredients and come up with a recipe. It is probably the best butter I have made, for both the smell and the feel. I am absolutely loving it, as I kept a little for myself. If anyone has any specific requests, I am absolutely open to customizing orders. It is fun for me and helps me learn even more about herbs, carrier oils, and essential oils.

Thanks for listening again guys and until next time.

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