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  • Elizabeth Maixner

Naps are needed!

I have decided to start a weekly blog on my website covering everything from the herbs and essential oils I use in my products to the difficulty of running a business with 2 small children at home needing my every attention. For those of you that like reading about the process and properties of the herbs and essential oils, I will write about an herb or essential oil and their healing properties. I will also write more on a personal note the day to day challenges of running a business and keeping up with every day life with 2 small children. Also if there are any topics any of you are curious about or have any questions, I would love to write to you all as well.

Today has been especially difficult, motivation wise. I have been so tired this week. I don't know if it is the lack of sleep or the weather that is effecting me the most, but either way, I feel exhausted. Like right now, I should be getting my workout in as my youngest is napping, but I'm just laying here on my bed, strongly considering taking a nap as well. The weather always effects me. If it is cloudy out, it takes so much more motivation to do anything, well that and coffee. For today, I think my bed has won. Going to take a nap.

Thanks for showing interest and taking the time to read my thoughts. See you next time. #momlife #postnatal #smallbusinessowner #madeinmontana #essentialoils #herballife #napsareneeded

My youngest that doesn't like me to sleep too much.