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Estella's Bees Knees Company

An all natural, organic, handcrafted product line

With a unique, hand crafted and organic product line, Estella's Bees Knees products are exactly what mommies and mommies-to-bees need, as well as everyone else! We now are offering Sunscreen, Sunburn relief cream, Hair Serum, and Hand Salve.  The product line features Hand Made New Born Moccasins and a KIDS COLLECTION, including Mommies Healing Salve, Calming Roller, and Baby Bottom Butter. My passion is to use the finest organic ingredients while staying eco-friendly as possible. Keep reading to learn more about what we have to offer.

baby mocassins #008
Lustrious Hair Serum

Hair Serum that will nourish any type of hair

Nipple Salve

A healing organic salve that is safe for babies to ingest while breastfeeding. A true LIFESAFER!!

baby mocs #002
Product line
Baby Bump Butter

A silky butter to keep your bump smooth during your growth time.

Perineum Spray

A wonderful cooling spray to speed along the process of healing and to make you feel cool and clean during this time.

Calming Roller

This little gem is for fussiness, upset tummies, teething, and to aid in bedtime. Roll on jawline, bottoms of feet, back or tummy for an immediate calming outcome.

Mommies Healing Salve

For all those little accidents in life.


My motivation for my business is to transform the finest ingredients into extraordinary skincare products while being eco-friendly.  Our products are cruelty free, organic, non-GMO, and can be customized to fit your needs. For example, if you are vegan or have an allergy or just have a preference for other ingredients, I can tailor them to fit your needs. Browse through some of our best products or message me for a custom order.

Learn About Us

My name is Elizabeth Maixner and I founded Estella's Bees Knees Company in 2018.  I started making my own products when I was pregnant because I just couldn't find a product that I liked AND that was not sold in plastic! My sister-in-law was also pregnant and so I made her a few of my products as well. My midwife then asked for some samples and that was the beginning of what is now Estella's Bees Knees Company. My highest priorities are creating environmentally friendly products and using the best ingredients that are only all natural, non-GMO, organic. Only doTERRA essential oils are used. All products are in glass containers and plastic is used only because I have yet to find an affordable solution for a non-plastic sprayer nozzle. All products are handmade in small batches in Helena, MT, USA. Our newest products include Hand Made New Born Moccasins, Beard Balm and Beard Oil. 

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